Sunday, July 29, 2012


Trifextra Challenge:

Give us a 33-word opening line to your book.  That's it.  Make us want to read the next 333 pages of your work. 


Because I was four-years-old and curious, I wondered what it'd feel like if I stapled my thumb (I remember gasping while blood gushed out); now, I wonder about anesthesia--because I am indifferent. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Vegetable Flowers

We often overlook the beauty of flowers from vegetables, since our object is usually the fruit that they bear or the leaves they produce.  Since starting vegetable gardening in my new garden box this year, I have have the privilege to see and capture the flowers that precede the vegetables or appear after the herbs are mature.  They are every bit as amazing and beautiful as garden or indoor flowers--although short-lived--as they are purposeful.

Decidedly yellow and ground-facing, these tomato flowers won't bear fruit for many more weeks.  Even with the heat wave this summer, my tomato plants are still taking their sweet time to grow.  I cannot wait to see some tiny red fruit soon!

I'm growing red bell peppers for the first time.  These little white beauties mask the fruit that they produce--you can almost see the pepper behind the center of the flowers!  There are so many on my pepper plant; I wonder how many will really turn into red bell peppers!

The white flowers dry up and grow a tiny pepper behind them.  So far, I have two good sized peppers even while the plant is still flowering, but they are still green.  

I never knew how pretty string bean flowers are.  Their delicate white petals wrap around one another, almost like the shape of a hand-rolled sushi!  These flowers are not very visible unless you uncover them by lifting up the leaves.

Amazingly, a tiny string bean begins to grow from the center of the flower into long, supple, and hearty beans.  The large, almost heart-shaped leaves provide great shade and protection for the beans.

Basil plant stems flower when foliage production stops on that particular stem.  Their white flowers are tiny, and this is the first time I've seen them really up close.  As small as they are, bees really seem to love the nectar in them!

Mint flowers are even smaller!  An entire cluster looks just like a prickly pine cone.  These closeup photos--not my naked eyes--have really 'opened' my eyes to seeing these tiny flowers on the herbs we use so freely all the time.

My strawberry plant has yet to flower, so unfortunately I could not include them in this post.  But it has been quite wondrous to observe these flowers the past few weeks, and it will be very exciting for me to harvest and eat the fruits that they bear.  I know I keep saying this, but there's something to be said about eating food that came from your own backyard, grown and nourished by your own hands. 

Thank you for taking a look at my tiny vegetable flowers!  What are some other pretty vegetable flowers that you like?  I'm taking suggestions for next year's vegetable gardening choices!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The World Will End in Three Days

For the weekend challenge, we're playing the ambiguity card again and leaving interpretation up to you.  Give us 33-333 words with this as your inspiration:

The world will end in three days.

The World Will End in Three Days

Day 3

They sing 'Happy Birthday' to him.  He blows out the sparkly candles, all three of them.  His awkward expression bares a mixture of emotions: proud yet visibly out of sorts at the same time.  He's happy because today he's a Big Boy.  He's sad because he fell asleep last night.  And she didn't forget to come.

Day 2

They remind him again that she is coming to make sure that he turns from a toddler into a Big Boy.  Tonight, he tells himself, I am going to stay awake.  He is going to be on guard all night, because he isn't even sure if he wants to be a Big Boy at all.  

Day 1

They told him about her for the first time last night.  They reassure him that she is kind and will bring him a small present while he sleeps.  How can he believe that she is nice?  He doesn't really even want her fancy candles anyway.

Day 0

He doesn't get a bedtime storybook tonight.  They tell him a story about the Binky Fairy instead.  She's coming the night before he turns three--in two nights--they said.  He secretly hopes that she will forget his birthday, or get lost on her way.  Because if she doesn't, he fears that the world will end in three days.

Waiting for Fireworks

Fortunate am I to capture
Such beautiful images of nature
These gradient colors of the sky
As time slowly passes by
From bright to dim
Strokes on a whim
Mother Nature artfully paints
As she brilliantly reacquaints
Day's crossing into Night
Whilst darkness follows twilight
Where which the fireworks we display
On this lovely Independence Day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Above is my collection of #photoadayJune photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.  Below are the prompts for #photoadayJune:

Here are my blurbs for each day:

  • Day 1, Morning: I woke up to the fragrance of newly bloomed jasmine flowers. 
  • Day 2, Empty: Getting there.  (Eye shadow palette.)
  • Day 3, On your plate: cherry crepes.  (Yum.)
  • Day 4, Close-up:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
  • Day 5, Sign:  Through the trees.  (This is my least favorite pic of the month.  I later saw a sign of a mama duck and baby ducks behind her for 'Duck Crossing', but was not able to get a pic of it.  Boo.)
  • Day 6, Hat: My summer best.  (Crocheted twine hat from our trip to the Bahamas.)
  • Day 7, Drink: Crystal clear water.  (Nothing but the best.)
  • Day 8, Six o'clock: Pavement people.  (The kiddos and me.)
  • Day 9, My view today: Riding down the word's steepest and shortest railroad at Fenelon Place.  (Interesting train car on stairs.)
  • Day 10, Best bit of my weekend: Road trip!  (My view for a few hours.)
  • Day 11, Door: Le Garage. 
  • Day 12, From a low angle: Stadium lights.  (On the Field of Dreams.)
  • Day 13, Art: An unfinished pair of knitted viking socks.  (Dunno if I'll ever finish this...)
  • Day 14, Time: On my hand.  (Always wish I had more.)
  • Day 15, Yellow: A couple of future tomatoes.  (Grow, tomatoes, grow!)
  • Day 16, Out and about: Scooter time!
  • Day 17, In my bag: A safe place for my third child.  (Bluey Bear.)
  • Day 18, Something you don't know about me: I read this book back in college and very much enjoyed it.  (Don't remember much of it anymore.)
  • Day 19, Imperfect: A begonia flower on the decline.
  • Day 20, Fave photo I've ever taken: on the Field of Dreams, but you already knew that.
  • Day 21, Where I slept: Um, that's MY pillow!
  • Day 22, From a high angle: Picnic on the driveway!  (Another play date, another picnic.)
  • Day 23, Movement: My niece twirling in her birthday princess dress.
  • Day 24, On my mind: An icy drink on a hot, summer day.  (First time I had a strawberry lemonade Icee.)
  • Day 25, Something cute: Freshly baked brownie bites. 
  • Day 26, Where I shop: Where I don't have to leave the house.  (Or get out of my PJs.)
  • Day 27, Bathroom: Both a sanctuary and a bitch to clean. 
  • Day 28, On the shelf: 'We be dangerously low on the whites' says Dear Husband.
  • Day 29, Soft: Toesies!
  • Day 30, A friend: is someone who gifted this to me.  (Thank you, BFF!)

Onward I go to #photoadayJuly:

Thank you, Fat Mum Slim, for hosting this fun challenge and showing off everyone's creativity!